My Top 5 Rappers

Rap Music


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Max Gunther, Writer

I am going to list my top five favorite rappers. There are many rappers people know but I am going to tell my favorite rappers. Starting from number five going up to number one. 

Starting at number five I personally put a rapper named King Von. He recently passed and many people got into his music. He died at 26 Years old and many people still listen to his music. Some people say he is the best “Storytelling Rapper.” I like his music because all his songs are upbeat and get you pumped up. Some of my favorite albums by him are “Welcome to O’Block”, “Grandson Vol. 1” and “Levon James” . A couple songs I like are “Took her to the O”, “Crazy Story” and many others.

Second up my fourth favorite rapper is Lil Uzi Vert. I like his music one because this is the rapper that got me into rap and because of the way the music flows. He also has a good voice and has worked with other really good rappers. Many people also like this rapper because he has been doing music for such a long time. He has dropped many good projects such as “Lil Uzi Vert vs. the world”, “Lil Uzi Vert vs. the world 2”, “LUV is rage”, “LUV is rage 2”, “The perfect LUV type” and “Eternal Atake” I like songs such as “XO TOUR LIFE”, “Prices”, “Yessirskiii”, and many more. I like this rapper because of the music he makes and how it sounds.

Next up going into the top three I have Polo G. I think people over hype this rapper a bit too much but his music is extremely good. This rapper is up higher because I like his music and have been a fan for a while now. He gives out to different types of music which is still rap but can rap differently. I like both his albums he dropped which are called “Die A Legend” and “The GOAT”. These albums are both very good and I personally enjoy them a lot. Some of my favorite songs by him are “Heartless”, “21”, “33”, “RapStar”, “I Know”, “Through Da

Storm” and many more. These songs can touch your heart more and also give off a really good vibe. 

Coming in at number two I have Juice WRLD many people don’t like his music because it seems soft but I personally like his music and he is dead and was alive for 21 years. He has dropped four projects but I only like three which are “GoodBye & Good Riddance”, “A Death Race For Love” and “Legends Never Die” I like this rapper a lot because some people are able to relate to his music and it touches their heart. I think his music people can relate to and people enjoy. He has dropped songs like “Bad Boy”, “Bandit”, “Wasted”, “NUKETOWN”, “Titanic” and many more. I like how he made a lot of really good songs and was doing great.

My favorite rapper in our generation is Trippie Redd. I have listened to his music for such a long time and I personally really like his music. My favorite projects are “A Love Letter To You”, “A Love Letter To You 3”, “A Love Letter To You 4”, “Life’s A Trip”, and last but not least “Pegasus”. These Albums are all very good and I really like these albums because of how he sounds and beats and how others can relate to his music. A couple of my favorite songs are “Love Scars”, “Topanga”, “6 Kiss”, “Under Enemy Arms”, and “Together”. I think Trippie Redd is kind of falling off but he still is pretty good and I think more people should give him a chance.