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Sean Fayerweather, Writer

FIFA 21 is a very great game to me because I always play with my friends and it is very competitive when we play. I like to also play against online people because they are really good and it is a challenge for me. When I play against my friends or online players. I always use Barcelona as my team because it has one of my favorite soccer players which is Messi.

 There is also a myteam that you can do where you create a team with any soccer players you want. To get players you have to get FIFA cards where they have soccer players inside them. Myteam has Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Iniesta, Ramos, Pique, and more. I feel like if you play against myteam I will probably win because I am good and I have a good team. You can also play street soccer where you play soccer on the streets which is my favorite game mode. There is also a story mode you can but I haven’t done it yet but I heard it’s fun. These  are the reasons why I think FIFA 21 is a good game.