Mysterious Forests Around The World

Scary & Mysterious Stories & Places

Cesar Hernandez , Writer

A large portion extends in southern New Jersey in Pine Barrens New Jersey where there are 4 state forests and ghost towns. It is believed that there is a New Jersey devil that roams in the woods. And a component that holds much weight with unexplained movements and sounds in the abandoned villages and woods.  

The Aokigahara Forest sits on Mount Fuji. Japanese mythology has associated for a long time with this leafy, dense woodland. It is the 2nd most popular suicide site in the world and it is believed there are demons in the forest. The thick leafs in the forest hide the items the explorers drop along the way. Many people say that the ghosts of the people who took their lives in the forest haunt it. 

Romania has a haunted forest of its own it is in Transylvania. Its  name is The Hoia Baciu it is best known as Bermuda Triangle of Romania the forest is very creepy. It has crooked trees that once stood straight and at the center there is a mysterious circular clearing. Nothing grows and many have gone through the circular clearing but they never came back. Travelers take night tours and visitors report feeling anxiety and nausea and some break out in a rash.