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Sean Fayerweather, Writer

I have only played Madden 21 a couple times at my cousins house and it was a good game! When we were playing against each other I was playing with the Buccaneers and he was playing with the Chiefs because we wanted to do the teams that were in the Super Bowl. I chose the Buccaneers over the Chiefs because I feel like Tom Brady is way better than Patrick Mahomes but my cousin thought Mahomes was better.

┬áIn the first quarter it was 14 to 7 and I was losing. In the 2nd quarter we were tied 21 to 21. In the 3rd quarter it was still the same score. In the 4th quarter it was 21 to 28 and I lost. I feel like I was pretty good for my first time playing madden and that I almost beat him. I like Madden because you can do all these tactics and overall it’s a pretty fun game.