Lily Lagunes, Writer

A Korean food that I want to try is Korean hot dogs, Korean hot dogs are mozzarella filled hot dogs, Instead of sausage its mozzarella cheese. There other flavors like cheese and the other half is sausage. Then there’s all sausage. Another food I want to try is spicy rice cakes aka tteokbokki. These are made out of white rice. I can never find any anywhere but I did find out there was a H-mart located at 3385 Milwaukee Ave, Northbrook. There they sell Asian food. And last I want to try is triangle kimbap, in the flavor spicy rice. Kimbap are triangle shaped sushi except the kimbap is rice with dried seaweed around the rice. They can be cold but I probably would like it to be hot. Triangle kimbap are really popular in Korea and they can be  found in any convenience store. Here i’m not sure but I think they do sell them in any convenience store especially 7-Eleven.

A Japanese food that I want to try is ramen, I know you can make it yourself it easy. But I want ramen from a restaurant like artificial ramen, like made from a professional chef. Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup. It consists of Chinese wheat noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth, often flavored with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced pork, nori, menma, and scallions.  According  to the most popular food in Japan is sushi and sashimi. Sashimi is basically raw fish or seafood served with wasabi (a spicy Japanese condiment) and soy sauce. It generally comes with slices of radish on the side. The name sashimi comes from a like this: 刺身. The first kanji means spine and the second kanji means body. This can be found on the same website.

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