Opinions on the band MotherMother


Opinions on the band MotherMother

Carolina Lopez , Writer

MotherMother has been getting a lot of attention lately especially on tiktok which is where I actually discovered their songs. I remember specifically it was “Hayloft” I first listened to which became very popular and it is very catchy. I ended up listening to their music because of it. My personal favorites at the moment would probably be “Oh ana” and “Arms tonite.” Which are their more popular songs. 

A lot of people interpret their songs differently and I like to have my own take on them too. They actually leave their songs up to interpretation so it’s always fun to see other people’s point of view. There’s a bunch of different views on “Oh ana” and especially “Arms tonite.” It’s funny because a lot of people get into discourse about it when the band has stated you can take it anyway you want, which is what I do. All in all I definitely recommend their songs, they’re catchy and nice to listen to. 

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