Tony Gonzalez, Writer

Popeye’s is one of my favorite fast food chains. The fries are really good. The season fries in my perspective has nothing wrong with them. Every time I get Popeye’s I get the season fries. The flavor is good and the balance between actual fry and season is perfect. The nuggets (aka the popcorn chicken) is pretty good, they make it good. I’m over all impressed with Popeye’s performance. 

The chicken sandwich is pretty good, they give a really big piece of chicken with the right amount of bun. There is a problem, my personal choice is I choose not get pickles. I don’t get pickles on any sandwich, but if they put it on I’ll just take it off. But Popeye’s, the pickles they put on the taste of the pickles ruin the whole sandwich. Taking off and cleaning the chicken isn’t enough. The taste of the pickle stays and it wont come off. It completely ruins the whole experience of the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Some people might like it but in my opinion it ruins the sandwich. 

Now the chicken, you can’t talk about Popeye’s without talking about the chicken. The chicken is perfect, there’s a nice crunch accompanied by a fantastic taste. When you eat Popeye’s chicken, it tastes like something your mom would make. I can’t say anything bad about it. The biscuits are deadly, when you have a biscuit from Popeye’s you must have a drink with it. It has good flavor, but it is really really dry. It is impossible to eat a whole biscuit without taking a drink or water or whatever beverage you choose. That being said I think everyone who gets a Popeye’s biscuit has some sort of access to a beverage.