The rankings of the fantastic and not so fantastic Starbucks drinks

The good, the bad, the ultimate Starbucks drink ranking and comparisons

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Samantha Biesterfeld, Writer

There are lots of different Starbucks drinks on the menu or customized drinks that you enjoy but here is a very accurate rating of some of the Starbucks drinks so you know what is worth the money.



My personal favorite, the Pink Drink has a fantastic taste that is balanced, not too sweet, not too bitter, a perfect balance making a phenomenal refreshing drink. This drink is a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk added making an end result of a light pink color. 


Taste: 10/10

Picture worthiness  : 9/10

Overall: 19/20 



This drink is a coffee drink with espresso, chocolate syrup, and milk. With this drink you have an option of getting it hot or iced but trust me it is much better iced it has more flavor to it. This drink is perfect if you don’t like your coffee too bitter. It provides the perfect balance of sweetness and is perfect for a morning wake up.



Picture worthiness: 6/10

Overall 14/10



This drink is perfect if you want to spend 6 dollars on a drink that tastes like straight up chocolate sauce. This drink is way too sweet but if you find yourself someone who would drink chocolate sauce on its own then go ahead. But if you want to save your taste buds and money for something better I would recommend a vanilla bean or java chip frappuccino.


Taste: 2/10

Picture worthiness: 4/10

Overall 6/20



This drink is a good balance of sweetness and bitterness. It is very refreshing and is great for a summer day. This drink is absolutely perfect for people who like starbucks drinks that are not unbearably sweet but a sweetness where you don’t need water by you at all times while drinking it.


Picture worthiness: 8/10

Overall: 15/20

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