Too short or too tall, Too big or too small: cages

Rabbit Know How’s

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Izy Wietecha, Writer

So, you’re wondering where to put your bunny eh? Well, I would recommend that if you chose a cage, then pick a cage to fit your rabbit, your rabbit’s litter box, food for your rabbit and water. I would recommend buying a seperate hay container so they don’t waste the hay if you place it in the litter box. Usually you could find hay racks on Amazon but there are videos on how to make your own.

If you choose an open cage which is placing the rabbit in a room or a black pen, I would create a spray that is non-toxic for your rabbit’s to stop them from chewing the border of the room. Something you can make yourself or bitter apple spray which is found at most pet stores. If you put your rabbit in a black pen then make sure the bars are not big enough for your rabbit to squeeze through them and make sure it’s tall enough for them to not be able to jump over it. Overall, I would say make sure any home you provide your rabbit with, has enough room for their food, water, themselves (obviously), and their litter box if you choose to train them.