Acrylic vs. gel nails

Takayla Moore, Writer

Gel and acrylic nails are different. First I will start by naming all of the steps to doing gel nails First you will have to file your nails then you can apply your gel nail polish you can add multiple coats of nail polish then you would have to cure it in your nail lamp and add top coat.

Next I will be naming all of the steps to doing acrylic nails. First you would have to do your nail prep and to do that you would have to cut and file your natural and add primer to the nails to make sure that you don’t damage your natural nails. When you’re done prepping your nails you have to get a glass dish and put monomer/ acrylic liquid and you would also need a nail brush. When you have those things you can dip  the nail brush into the monomer then you can use the brush to pick up the acrylic powder. When you’re done putting acrylic on all of the nails and the acrylic is dried you can file the nails using a hand file or an e-file. When you’re done filing you have to dust the nails off and you can add top coat/ clear nail polish to the nails and if you want to you can add decorations.