Most dangerous serial killer

Emilee Laffey , Writer

 I, along with many others, think that Samuel Little is the most dangerous serial killer in US history. He has confessed to 93 murders, but there is reason to believe there are many more. He was killed by strangling them, in other words he strangled 93 people in the years of 1970-2005. Most of his killings were ruled as suicides and some bodies we are never found. “For many years, Samuel Little believed he would not be caught because he thought no one was accounting for his victims”, and was called the choke and stroke killer. Little was serving three consecutive life-without-parole sentences for the deaths of three women in the late 1980s in Los Angeles, He died on December 30th, 2020. 

Others believe that Harold Shipman is the most dangerous serial killer. Harold was known as the doctor killer, you may wonder how he got that name and that is because he was a doctor and he purposely killed his patients. He murdered about 250 of his patients, according to an official inquiry into his crimes. He became interested in medicine as he watched his mother receive morphine injections to ease the pain she suffered while dying of lung cancer.  In 1998 one of his patients, an 81-year-old woman, was discovered dead in her home only hours after Shipman visited her. Her family was confused by the suddenness of her death, by the fact that her will had been changed to benefit Shipman. In 2000 he was convicted on 15 counts of murder and one count of forgery and sentenced to life in prison. Shipman committed suicide  while in prison, hanging himself in his cell.