Dance shoe brands that make you feel no pain!


Lily Lopez, Writer

Hi, I am a dancer, and do you want to know how to prepare for your first dance class? Well you’re in luck, I am here to tell you how to get the right shoes and wear the right attire.  First let’s talk about the most important thing: your shoes. Find out what class you are taking and I will tell you what dance shoe companies I prefer and find the right shoe brand. My favorite brand for my ballet is from Angilo Luizo. Let me tell you these shoes are just like socks they slip on your foot. They don’t need adjusting, they just shape to your foot, and are so comfortable. Next, if you take a tap class the best place in my opinion is Amazon, it’s not a brand but they have great option’s. Believe it or not the tap shoes have the best variety of laces or not fitted or not, etc. They’re the best! And, if you’re taking a jazz class, the best brand to get a pair of jazz shoes are So Danca. Their shoes last for like 5 years, that’s how long I have had my jazz shoes from them and they’re so comfortable. That’s all bput how to find the perfect shoe from these brands.

The right dance attire is also necessary for dance, because dance  shoe’s do not fit with socks or will be very uncomfortable. So that brings us to wear, it depends on where you dance. Where I dance we have to wear tan tights except for ballet we have to wear pink tights, and we also have to black leotard which is like a tight shirt and whatever shoes we need for that class. And always wear your hair in a bun or ponytail, or just get it out of your face because it WILL get in your face while you’re moving and dancing:). And remember, have fun!!!