Why baking is fun!


Why baking is fun!

Jasmin Ramirez, Writer

I personally really like baking in my free time when I have nothing else to do. If ur bored or just want to try something new I would recommend baking stuff. To be honest baking does not take that much effort because I’ve done it plenty of times already but if it’s your first time just enjoy it! You can make whatever you want and it doesn’t have to look good but it does  have to taste good.

Baking anything is fun because you have a lot of options to choose from  like  cookies, cake, cupcakes, donuts and much more! Another thing is that baking is a hobby that can be relaxing for you and can maybe get things out of your mind to calm down. Also if it’s your first time baking I recommend baking chocolate chip cookies because its just really easy and it’s the most basic thing to do. 

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