The Most Well-Known Bears Quarterbacks

Chicago Bears Quarterbacks

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Dylan Valeroso, Writer

The Chicago Bears are one of the 8 original NFL teams. Their history goes way back to the 1920s. Over this period the bears have had lots of different quarterbacks. Some are good and some are average. Today we are going to look into the history of Chicago Bears quarterbacks.

The first well known quarterback for the Chicago Bears is Sid Luckman. He was not the first ever Bears quarterback but one of the first well known ones. He played from 1939 through 1950 and he played 12 seasons with the bears. He also led the Bears to 4 NFL Championship wins and 1 Super Bowl win. He was even named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1965. In total, Sid Luckman finished his career with 904 completed passes which added up to a whooping 14,686 passing yards and over 137 touchdowns. For me I think he is the best quarterback of all time for the bears.

Another well known quarterback for the Bears is Jim Harbaugh. He played quarterback for many teams but he played 7 seasons with the Bears from 1987 to 1993. In those years he had 1,023 completed passes which adds up to 11,567 passing yards and  50 touchdowns. In my opinion, Jim Harbaugh isn’t well known for playing quarterback for the bears. I think he is more well known for his coaching after his NFL career.  He served as a coach for the NFL for 10 years and he even coached in the Super Bowl. For me I think he was an ok quarterback for the Bears and he is more well known for what he did after his career.

The last well known quarterback for the Bears is Jay Cutler. He played as Bears quarterback from 2009 to 2017 for 8 years. In my opinion these were very painful years with lots of disappointment. Besides that though Cutler had 2,020 completed passes added up to 23,443 passing yards and 154 touchdowns. Even though he has the best quarterback stats in Bears history, he only made the playoffs once in his 8 years with the Bears and he only had a winning record for 3 out of his 8 seasons. For me, I did not think Jay Cutler was very good and it really surprised me when I learned he had the best quarterback stats in Bears history. 

Now the Bears have 2 average quarterbacks (Nick Foles and Andy Dalton) and one quarterback with big potential (Justin Fields). I think the Bears have had many great quarterbacks in the past and I look forward to many more awesome quarterbacks in the future.