Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy’s murder Rampage

Ted Bundy

Jimena Perez, Writer

Ted Bundy was born on November 24 ,1946 in Burlington Vermont Ted had an uneventful childhood his mother pretended to be his sister instead of putting Bundy up for adoption once Bundy  found out the entire truth he lived with his mom and were alone for a long time. Though his mom remarried to  Johnnie Bundy, Ted took his last name because he had no “respect” for his father. By the age of 3 he was already obsessed with playing with knives, and as teenager Bundy showed a darker side of him he would often look into people’s windows, mostly being girls.

Ted’s killing rampage started around the 1970’s he confessed to killing 36 women but experts believe it was 100 or more. The way Bundy would kill them would be he lured them to his car by pretending to be ill or sick then the killing then followed a gruesome pattern he would rape them first then beat them to death, (it was believed to be known that he decapitated 12 girls). When his rampage started many women in Seattle and Oregon started to go missing and police found that it all connected to the fact that they were all young skinny long dark haired women. He decomposed them on mountains and rivers and would buy them. Ted only told police where some bodies were but the rest we’ll never know. Ted also confessed to having sexual relationships with his dead victims even days after killing them. 

Ted Bundy moved to Utah to attend law school and quickly women there started to disappear as well.The following year Ted was pulled over by a police officer his vehicle was searched and they found a cache of burglary tools – a crowbar, a face mask, a rope and handcuffs. He was arrested for being in possession of these tools and when he was taken in for questioning police started to link to various crimes but was never found guilty of anything.  Though in 1975 he was arrested for the kidnap of Carol Daronch, she was one of the few women to escape Bundy.

Bundy escaped twice in 1977. The first time he was accused of murder of a young woman in Colorado Ted decided to be his own lawyer since he went to law school and during a trip to the courthouse library he jumped out a window making his first escape, Ted was caught eight days later. The second time around in December he escaped one again from a hole he made in the ceiling of his cell. In order to fit Bundy had to lose 30 pounds. Authorities didn’t realize he was gone until 15 hours later, giving Bundy a big head start.

After that Bundy went to Tallahassee, Florida. He was only free for another year due to him breaking into Chi Omega sorority house on the night of January 14 1978. Bundy attacked 4 female residents, killing 2. Then on February 9 Bundy kidnapped a 12 year old girl (Kimberly Leach) and murdered her. Bundy was pulled over by the police that February which led to his capture. Police say one of the leading pieces of evidence connecting to Bundy were the bite marks left on the victims’ bodies. Bundy pled guilty to the murders at the sorority house, the 12 year old girl, and many more murders. He tried to bribe the judge by exchanging information to avoid the electric chair but he was executed in Florida’s “old sparky” electric chair in 1989.