How do you get to Middle School: Bus or Walk?

Middle School

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Dakota Warren, Writer

Hi my name is Dakota. What I like most is riding the bus. I like riding the bus because it gets me to school much faster and I am never late. Another reason why I like to take the bus is because I have time to eat breakfast once I get to school. One more reason is because I like looking out the window while we drive to school.

Walking is my least favorite thing to do, maybe because I’m too lazy. Also, I don’t like walking in the snow, it gets my pants wet. Sometimes it can be dangerous to walk to school. One morning I was half asleep. I got out of my bed and did my stuff to get ready for school. When I walked out my door near the bus stop I tried to look both ways but there was a car parked in my way. I took a step back and did not see a car so I thought it was ok to cross the street and there was a car driving my way. I ran to the spot I was going and I was scared for my life. So that is why I like to take the bus, I’m scared of this happening again.