Everyone Should Try It!

Fat Rosie’s Mexican Restauraunt

Photo from https://images.app.goo.gl/7y752Fie2NDUj9Fy6

Photo from https://images.app.goo.gl/7y752Fie2NDUj9Fy6

Gabby Trujillo, Writer

Fat Rosie’s is a Mexican American restaurant. The address is 940 Milwaukee Ave., Lincolnshire, IL. It is very bright and colorful inside the restaurant. 

I recommend the steak tacos; they come with cilantro, onion, and cheese. I also like the chips and salsa, once you eat your first chip you can’t stop. If I were getting a dessert, I would get a churro sundae. The dessert is so good, and tastes like cinnamon and vanilla. 

The inside of the restaurant is bright and colorful. Mexican music was all that was playing, everyone celebrated it by wearing a sombrero. There is Mexican decor everywhere and it is so much fun.  I would highly recommend eating here!