Jeffrey Dahmer’s Childhood

Jeffrey Dahmers Childhood

Denisse Lozano, Writer

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 West Allis, Wisconsin. He was born to Joyce Dahmer and Lionel Dahmer after some difficulties with Joyce’s pregnancy.

Dahmer’s childhood was like any others, Parents who loved their only son at that time. But his parents used to work a lot so he didn’t really have a really good bond with his parents. Living with his dad’s family caused a bit of problems in his parents’ marriage, so they decided to move to East Milwaukee. When Jeffrey was 4 he went through a hernia operation, after that Dahmer changed. He isolated himself and didn’t talk as much. He eventually moved to Ohio where his father worked on chemistry things. Near where they lived there was a forest where Dahmer would distract himself in his make-believe world. Then his little brother was born when he was in first grade, his parents had some marriage problems which after they found out Jeffrey had colics.

When Jeffrey was 8 years old he called the police because he was being sexually molested from a neighbor but the police ignored it. Jeffrey loved to explore animals. He moved to a new high school but he was always lonely , his grades were okay and he started to have a drinking problem. When Jeffrey was about to be 18 his parents divorced and that was a big impact on his life. He graduated high school and went to the Ohio state university but dropped out after two semesters.

After that his killing began…………

Jeffrey Dahmer is interesting to me because how come someone who was quiet and shy lead up to being a serial killer? And how come his parents never noticed?