Things I Like and Dislike About Fortnite Seasons

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Anne Kralj, Writer

I have been playing Fortnite for 8 seasons and over those 8 seasons, there has been stuff in the game that I like and dislike. Chapter 2 season 1 was when I started and to be honest, I don’t really remember too much from that season but what I did like was traps. If you were good enough at the game you could box someone in your builds and put 2 traps on the walls and they would be easily eliminated.

 In my opinion, chapter 2 season 2 was the best season because of all of the mythics and unique places to land. I was still new to the game at that time so I did not understand how to get the mythics but towards the end of the season, I started to know how to play the game more.

 Chapter 2 season 3 was a little bit underrated in my opinion but the Shockwave grenade launcher was one of the best things they have ever added in the game. It was good for rotation and gaining height on your opponent.

 Chapter 2 season 4 I did not play in because I played on mobile at the time and I could not update the game but, I watched Youtube videos on it and it did not look very good in my opinion.

Halfway through chapter 2, there was season 5. I did not like season 5 because there were too many skin collabs, there were only like 2 map changes and they were not even that good and sand tunneling was disabled for more than half of the season. Something I liked about season 5 was the zero point crystals. They were found at the center of the map and if you ate one, you could double jump and you could teleport whichever direction you were going.

At the start of chapter 2 season 6, I liked it. But when other people discovered that the Primal shotgun was extremely overpowered, it was almost impossible to win unless you were using it, but it would still be hard to win if your opponents were using it. Something I did like about season 6 was the Shockwave bow. It was basically like the Shockwave grenade launcher I mentioned earlier but if you shot it at another player it would do 85 damage. You could shockwave people into the storm in the final circle.

 Chapter 2 season 7 was one of the best seasons in chapter 2 apart from the UFO’s. They were extremely overpowered. You could shoot the energy cannon at other players and it would be almost impossible to escape. What I liked about season 7 was the I.O. bases. There were 2-3 henchman chests at every base and most of the time, they would give you good loot.

 At the time I’m writing this (10/12/21) it is only a few weeks into chapter 2 season 8 but the Venom and Carnage mythic claws are very overpowered. Who thought that it would be a good idea to add something that can grab people through builds, has a speed boost, and has a jump boost, has glider re-deploy and does 60 damage would be a good thing to add. It is good when you use it against someone but when someone uses it on you, it’s really annoying. Something I did like was the slipstreams. They are like a tunnel of air that you can glide through. They are only at alien crash sites right now, but if you are near one you can use it for rotation and running away from enemies. Those are a few things about each season that I like and dislike.