Getting to know this lively lad!

Creative 14 year old artist makes art be more than just a painting by a long-gone french artist!

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Oscar Castro, Writer

Hello there, community of The Tiger Tribune! This is Oscar posting this and I’m a teen artist that loves creating art, going out and interacting with other people. I’m not a pro at art, but I look forward to improving my art and helping others improve theirs too.

My art hobby started when I was young, around 8 years old. I don’t really remember how, so I can’t really give you any details but I slowly started to enjoy art more and more as I grew up. I was inspired by some digital artists I would watch on Youtube. At first, I wanted to be an animator. I wanted to be famous for making animation memes like art Youtubers such as Sashley and Hatsumi Rou. But then, I gave up and decided to draw things on my own. At first, animating was too hard for me. Tutorials helped me, but not as much as I needed. Now, I’m slowly starting to get the hang of animating and looking forward to my first animation project!

Ight, gtg, byeeee!!