Marvel’s new avenger is a bunny; Canon or fanon?

Creative 14 year old artist makes art be more than just a painting by a long-gone french artist!

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Picture from:

Oscar Castro, Writer

Hello everyone! How are you? This is Oscar posting and today I will explain to you a sketch of a character I’ve made that’s part of the Avengers! My character has powers to turn into different creatures, and in my most recent sketch my character transformed into an anthropomorphic bunny!

In the sketch, she’s running on her back legs like a human, and she has a suit that was designed by Tony Stark with the help of Bruce Banner. She’s currently chasing down a black van full of robbed money.
Her father is Loki Laufeyson. When Thor found out he had a ‘niece’, he introduced her to the Avengers and months later Tony Stark recruited her to become an Avenger because she meets the requirements an Avenger must meet!

That’s all I have to say for this post, byeeeee!