Man eats at Taco Bell, lives to regret it

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Zach Nicklas, Writer

Everyone knows what Taco Bell is, yet next to nobody actually knows how bad Taco Bell is at making their food actually edible.  Taco Bell has had plenty of time by now to improve their food,  as Taco Bell has been open for over thirty years by now, the fact Taco Bell has been open for over thirty years and yet the fact that their food still makes people sick and doesn’t even taste good astounds me.  This corporation has gotten lucky to make their fast food chain work, and if people weren’t so desperate for fast food, Taco Bell would have died out and stopped making people sick long ago.  When I go to Taco Bell because my family wants to eat there, I always dislike the food for two reasons, one of them is because it tastes like nothing that a taco should taste like, this food tastes like taco seasoning packets, and frozen meat. 

The second reason I talked about is that Taco Bell’s food makes people sick. Now, I do not know if the food making people sick is from the fact that Taco Bell has all of their ingredients frozen in bags and shipped to the restaurant to be put together later, or if it’s simply because the Taco Bell employees do not know how to wash their hands.  After I eat Taco Bell there’s about a 80% chance that my stomach cramps up and starts hurting bad thirty minutes later. There have been plenty of stories of Taco Bell making people extremely sick but fortunately I have only gotten horrible stomach aches from it.  Now, any reasonable person who isn’t a taco seasoning loving freak would stop going to Taco Bell because of the reasons I have just stated, but somehow, even if the people get sick they keep coming back to Taco Bell to get whatever new item is on the menu.

This is most likely because of the advertising, I will admit in the advertisements the food does look good, but people do not realize fast food corporations usually pay people money to make their food look more appealing and overall more edible.  So after everything I’ve just said making Taco Bell look horrible, how have they not closed down yet?  Other people have gotten sick, and there is clearly something wrong with the food if it all comes in bags pre-cooked.  My only guess is Taco Bell is right on the line of being shut down due to health and safety violations, yet manage to keep the bare minimums to stay open.  All of this has led me to think that Taco Bell is a horrible corporation that has had pure luck get them to where they are. Maybe the food was better in the past or maybe my tastes are just off, but the fact that Taco Bell makes people sick is unacceptable.  That is why I believe that Taco Bell has had a ton of luck to get to where they are today and without that luck, would have failed as a business a few years after the first Taco Bell opened.