Bauer vs CCM Hockey Sticks

Is Bauer Scamming You?

Conor Forst, Writer

I used to be a fan of Bauer’s hockey sticks. Recently I switched to CCM because they are more straightforward. They go for quality and price. Bauer just wants profit.

I personally think the modern CCM sticks are better such as the RibCors and the JetSpeeds and Super Tacks’. They are all very lightweight but some models have durability issues.

The new Bauer sticks are just looking for money. The Bauer Nexus ADV came out in January 2019 and the Bauer Nexus Geo came out in November 2019. This is when they started to go downhill. The ADV has a long hole in the blade  and the Geo has 5 sides. Even the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic with 6 sides on the bottom of the shaft. Earlier this year they came out with the Bauer sling which combines the 2 factors of the ADV and Geo. 5 sides, and a hole in the blade. Each stick can cost you over $200.

In my opinion, Bauer is using these gimmicks for money, and lots of people are falling for it. On the other hand, Bauer does make some good sticks, such as the  Bauer Vapor FlyLite and HyperLite. But for the reason of the other sticks I moved away from Bauer hockey sticks and now I use CCM sticks.