90’s Pennywise is 400x Better

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photo from https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/HXG2TKEULUuuSNSdcsMdqR-320-80.jpg

photo from https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/HXG2TKEULUuuSNSdcsMdqR-320-80.jpg

Joselyn Hurtado, Writer

When comparing old movies to new movies there’s really no competition, and the same goes for antagonists, therefore the old Pennywise was like 10x scarier, this was mainly because he was portrayed as an actual clown and not this rip off violent one.

The old one would joke around, perform circus tricks, and had that natural creepy clown feel that your 4 year old self would feel when you’d see a clown at your birthday party. And the new ‘IT’ was as if that same clown fell down a sewer, crawled out, and tried to perform at your 22nd birthday party, obviously it’s not gonna be the same but had they never made that clown perform again, ‘IT’ wouldn’t have such a bad comparison. 

I’m not saying they should’ve never remade the movie but if they didn’t change the clown design so much and made him look horrid then I wouldn’t be making this blog. The clown is the main reason the new ‘IT’ is horrible. The plot and characters from both are very good and decently similar and what they’ve changed makes sense except for the clown because dear lord what have they done.