Tenet. What it’s about.

Two Interesting Movies

Photo from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenet_(film)#/media/File:Tenet_movie_poster.jpg

Alon Amir

Photo from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenet_(film)#/media/File:Tenet_movie_poster.jpg

Manny Cavazos, Writer

There are new movies out this year but some aren’t interesting  or some are just boring, so I have a movie recommendation. A movie that I think is my favorite right now. The movie I’m recommending is a movie called Tenet starring John David Washington. It is a time travel movie that is about a protagonist that tries to prevent the world from ending by finding and separating nine objects that are way more dangerous than plutonium. 

The protagonist must find all nine pieces before Sator finds them. Sator is the man that plans to use all nine pieces when he dies, and when he dies all nine pieces are used. So basically he has to find and separate the pieces before Sator dies. I rate this movie 10/10 because of the special effects. It does look really realistic. The acting is on point, the actors have great reactions and you can really understand how they are feeling just by watching them.

Great movie. You might have to rewatch to understand but after that it’ll be great.