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Photo from https://flixsearch.co/movie/take-my-brother-away

Photo from https://flixsearch.co/movie/take-my-brother-away

Fernanda Fernandez, Writer

Lately I’ve been watching a Chinese show called ‘Take My Brother Away’. Now the title was a little odd but it intrigued me to watch it. From what I know, it’s a comedy drama with youth which mostly takes place at school. Exactly as the title hints, it’s about two siblings, Shi Miao and Shi Fen. They tend to argue a lot as most siblings do, but they also have a strong bond due to the fact they don’t really have parental supervision and they rely on each other. Their parents had divorced and the mom left without saying anything. Though the dad is with them, he is an alcoholic and also highly irresponsible so they don’t see him much as a father figure. Despite the fact that they don’t have the best life because they don’t have parental figures and live in poverty, school seems to be fun for them. Why? Well they have their friends Kaixin, Miaomiao, Wan Sui, and Wan Xing. They seem the happiest when around them and they enjoy life in those moments that they share together. 

Now that you have little knowledge about the whole thing and some background info, I’ll be saying my thoughts. When I started watching it I found it entertaining and extremely funny. There were cute moments that would make me cry and moments where I’d laugh a lot. I really liked the fact that Shi Miao is much stronger and to a higher standard at fighting than Shi Fen. Watching him run from his sister in fear knowing he doesn’t compare to her in strength was entertaining. At the beginning I thought Shi Fen would be the tougher one who was way stronger than his sister but I really did like that I was wrong and it was actually the complete opposite. 

I really enjoy watching the scenes where they seem to get closer after a bit of a fuss. Those types of scenes are really cute moments because, in my opinion, watching bonds get stronger really makes you feel a bit of admiration. Seeing the moments they spend with their friends makes me feel content. I really like how much everyone supports each other even if it’s dumb ideas. A really big thing I liked was seeing how much they love their dad. They may not show how much they care for him but they deeply do and you can tell when they attend to him when he’s drunk.

 There is also a bit of romance in here between Shi Miao and Kaixin (Shi Fen’s bestfriend), and Shi Fen and his class president. Which I extremely enjoy due to the fact that I have fondness and inclination to anything romantic. I don’t fully understand why the title is ‘Take My Brother Away’ but I really enjoy the show so far and although I have not finished it yet I would recommend it to someone. I really like it and watching their sibling bond grow in every episode and the bond with everyone around them is extremely nice. Now these were some of my thoughts about ‘Take My Brother Away’.