Ranking Horror Movies in Correct Order

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Joselyn Hurtado, Writer

This blog is going to be ranking horror movies, so I ask you to only read this if you can handle someone else’s opinion. This will also be ranked in scary and not in funniest or ‘good plot’ because a good horror movie will have all of those and STILL be scary. Therefore, the worst movie award goes to “The Conjuring” series. They are super overrated and not even scary. It is such a boring series and quite tiring to watch – a child gets possessed and they invite the paranormal investigators and realize that there’s a curse and blah blah blah same ending everyone lives. Maybe they’d kill someone off once in a while but not often. 

Next on the list is “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (or TCM) this movie is perfect to put somewhere near the middle, it’s a good movie, I thought it was pretty scary when first watched but there’s a whole lot of blood and guts. I do enjoy blood and guts, but dear lord it was nonstop. It did get me scared though, a decent amount of anticipation but I still think they could’ve toned it down with all the blood. I understand that a lot of people loved it but this blog is opinion based. The next ones will be two movies that are tied for next ranking which are “Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Halloween”, both iconic, both have a great story and creative slashing scenes and both had me scared for the main characters. 

Now we are getting to the top and for the second best movie (on this list), it will be “IT” from 1990. I know some people would get upset about me ranking “IT” over “Halloween” or “Elm Street”, which are classics, but I have to say that the movie deserves it. “IT” has such a great plot and is also on the long side but it’s because it shows the development of the main characters and shows them grown up and showing that they never forgot about Pennywise. The reason this movie is so high up is because the old Pennywise does not nearly have enough credit, he is the best representation of what a clown should be, he makes jokes, references circuses, performs his tricks to lure kids in. He really is the best monster in the horror universe and I even have another blog talking about how great he is.

Now is time for the scariest movie, “The Ring”. Yes, “The Ring” (1993) this movie is Japanese and about 30 years old and still does not get the recognition it deserves, I really think it’s the scariest movie on this list. That’s my list of horror movies and if you think differently then let me know but truly, I know I’m right.