Best PC Build Possible

Best PC Build Possible-Not A Prebuild

Henry Kennicott, Writer

Everyone these days wants to build or have their own PC. I am one of them and saving up for one, and one of the problems is people wondering “What are good parts for a PC?” And I am here to tell you some excellent parts for a PC.

CPUs, A CPU is the brain or heart of a computer, CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, it is important to have a good one to improve processing speeds but there are two main options Ryzen and Intel. Intel is good for general work like for school or a business computer while Ryzen is more centered towards gaming. For a Ryzen CPU I would say that the Ryzen 9 5900X is the best CPU for Ryzen, because it has the most cores of all Ryzen CPUs and has the fastest speeds out of all of their CPUs. And for Intel I would say the i9 9900k, because just like Ryzen it has the most cores out of all of their other CPUs and has the fastest speeds needed for general work.

Motherboards, a motherboard is important because they connect everything together, the nervous System if you would, but there is no best motherboard per say, but there are differences in every one but for Ryzen i think that the Msi Mag B550 Tomahawk ATX AM4 Motherboard is the best because it has 128G memory, fast speeds, the only problem is that it is Ethernet only and does not have a WiFi adaptor built into it. For Intel it is the Asus PRIME B560M-A because it is almost the exact same as the Tomahawk but the only difference is that it does have a WiFi adapter built in and that the GPU lot is close to the back of the case.

Fans, a fan is meant for cooling the pc because when overclocking a PC can reach 100° F and need cooling but not have it. The best fan is the Corsair iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX because it has a steady speed of 2400 RPM, which is amazing for cooling a PC, it also has RGB lights built into it if you like that.

Case, a case is the body or outer shell of a pc. The better cases have increased airflow which is why I recommend the Phanteks Eclipse P300A Mesh ATX Mid Tower Case, it has amazing airflow and is mostly mesh which is amazing to cool down your PC and the best part is that it is cheap.

RAM, RAM is the amount of memory you have, there are no best brands but it would be best to have 2 128GB sticks of ram at 3200 mts (mega transfers per second) to have the best speeds.

Storage, for storage you have two options, SSD cards and Hard Drives just like with Intel and Ryzen each has different qualities if you want faster speeds use an SSD card but if you want more memory use a Hard Drive. For a Hard Drive I would recommend the Seagate IronWolf Pro 18 TB 3.5″ 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive because it has great speeds and stores up to 18 terabytes of storage. And for SSD cards i would recommend the Samsung 870 QVO because of its fast speeds and its 8 terabyte storage capacity, it’s the best of both sides.

GPU, a GPU is the graphics card or Graphic Processing Unit of your computer, the better your GPU the better graphics your PC will be able to handle. I would recommend a RTX 3090 for your GPU, it is the best on the market, has the most cores currently and has the best graphics possible at this time.

Power Supply, a power supply is the most power your PC will be able to siphon to all of its components. I would recommend the Corsair AXi because it has a 1600 Watt capacity, and efficiently is rated 80+-Titanium which is the most efficient rating you could get.

OS, the OS is the operating system you are using. I would recommend you use Windows 10 Pro because it has built in virus protection and it is the most advanced and bug-proof OS windows has this date. You could also use LINUX, but Windows OS’s have more options for you to use. If you want to keep track of your parts I would recommend using to get the best deals