Katelyn Poggy, Writer

Gucci. What about it? Ugly. That’s what. I think a lot of people can agree that Gucci is ridiculously expensive, and for what, an ugly, low quality, accessory or clothing? I decline. I mean, at least OTHER designer brands actually try to make their products look nice. But Gucci over here 🙄🙄 they don’t even try! This is SO embarrassing for Gucci bro, I’m getting second hand embarrassment from Gucci.

Only rich people who are bored and have a lot of money to waste buy Gucci because have you seen those clothes? I feel bad for the Gucci models who have to wear that, it’s ridiculously Sad. THEY look sad. Miserable. On the verge of absolutely breaking down on the catwalk. They layer 50 different accessories and 49 different clothing pieces over a simple outfit. You could be wearing a t-shirt and some huge jeans and then GUCCI OVER HERE, they’ll put like 3 different sweaters with different colors and patterns, 30 different t-shirts, and 6 pants with different lengths and colors then, out of nowhere, BOOM! Sunglasses, platform shoes, bird nest hats (real), necklaces and earrings. Every accessory in the world, on one sad, sad model.

Why Gucci Is a Waste of Money

Gucci IS a waste of money bro, and honestly, even if Gucci had clothing for like a dollar or something I would still NEVER buy from there. Gucci’s clothing is worth $0.62, because it’s just so ugly! If the clothing was actually nice THEN I would understand the pricing. Gucci sells t-shirts for like 800 dollars like mann I could just make that and it’d look WAYYYYYY better. 

First off, It’s really ugly. Second of all, It’s really ugly. To be honest, the only reason why it’s a waste of money is BECAUSE it’s ugly!! I don’t see anyone buying and actually wearing Gucci’s clothing as everyday clothes other than bored rich and famous people whose only fashion sense is wearing multiple pieces of designer clothes, no matter how ugly the pieces are. Gucci just is not worth it.