Michael Jordan’s NASCAR team




Joe Lauber, Writer

Michael Jordan’s NASCAR team will not do good in 2022. I know this because they are all driving Toyotas and I think that they are the least winningest model in NASCAR. Another reason why they wont do good is because they have the worst driver in the league Bubba Wallace. His stats are the worst in the league for a full time racer; if it wasn’t for the rain in Talladega he wouldn’t ever get a win. The only way I could see them doing well is with Kurt Busch. He did very well last season and is a veteran. I think he could win a few races with them but he’s not in a Chevy anymore he’s in a Toyota.

Now onto the more interesting topic; Floyd Money Mayweather releasing a new NASCAR team called Money Racing. I think they will do well as they have a great young driver in Kaz Grala. They’re also in a Chevy, not a Ford or Toyota so that’s a plus for them. They just got there first sponsor there sponsor is Pit Viper.