“Heart attack from horror movies?” nope just old

Horror Movie myths


Sami Koontz, Writer

Horror movies can be really cheesy and nobody wants to watch them, or they can be very fun and interesting and you might literally think you’re possessed. But today we are going to debunk if horror movies actually give anyone heart attacks or just elders. 

When you watch horror movies, your breathing becomes faster and your pupils dilate. Or in some cases, you can have a heart attack or death. But this won’t happen to you if you watch like the Conjuring. You might pee a little, but no death. When watching horror movies the normal person’s muscles in their airway will open up more to give us that fight or flight reaction. Because even though you know you’re just watching a movie, your body doesnt. That’s why older people have a higher chance of dying because they are slower mentally thinking and physically so their body will just give up and bam. But not all lead to death. Some just have minor heart attacks. And mainly, the movie won’t necessarily cause it, but most old people have weaker hearts and bodies so it’s easier for them to die. So the answer to our question is maybe, depending on the age and health. But don’t be scared to watch horror movies. You most likely won’t die!