Why I don’t like Jugyeong



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Vanessa Casiano, Writer

This is why I don’t like true beauty. So this story is about Lim Jugyeong a highschool student who is pretty and is popular in her school, but she has a secret she actually doesn’t look like that she just wears make-up and she’s afraid to tell anyone that she doesn’t look like that because they’re afraid they will judge her.

When I first started reading it, it wasn’t that bad. I actually enjoyed the story line but when I got into further episodes I started hating it because Jugyeong will always get into a situation where she will either cry and have others fix it. She has 0 character development in any of the episodes even after a bunch of things just happened she will never change and I don’t get how you don’t get an experience off something that just happened either good or bad.

Also on how there’s a love triangle because they never end well and always choose the guy who was first introduced in the story. I’ve tried reading it again but I can’t it’s too repetitive for me and most of the time you can predict what’s going to happen and how it’s going to be solved or end. Overall it’s something I will not read if I have other options and will only read if I’m really bored.