The MOSTLY Correct Cereal Tier List


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Jesus Aguilera, Writer

I will be ranking a few cereals, I’m sorry if your favorite cereal isn’t on here, or isn’t around the top. I obviously won’t be able to rank every cereal, mostly because I don’t want to waste my time on such a thing. Side note, if I rank something at #15 that doesn’t mean it’s my least favorite, just the least favorite out of the 15 I’m ranking. It’s all opinion-based, no facts.

#15 is Raisin Bran: this is pretty self-explanatory, Raisin Bran is revolting. It’s dry, and it’s raisins. I hate raisins, and combining it with cereal doesn’t make it any better.

#14 is Rice Krispies: I don’t have much of a problem with Rice Krispies, I’d forcefully eat them. It’s just that they’re bland, and get really soggy, and it’s just gross, and would rather eat any other bland cereal.

#13 is Cheerios: a classic cereal. Yet, it’s bland, and gets boring after a while. I slightly prefer Cheerios over Rice Krispies, so I gave the edge to Cheerios.

#12 is Cinnamon Toast Crunch: I like the cereal, good taste, nice crunch, but they just get really soggy after a while, and I don’t like soggy cereal. Truly sorry for Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans.

#11 is Trix: I used to really like Trix, but then they changed it to shapes, replacing the spheres. I still kind of like them, but I really prefer the original; They just taste, and feel better.

#10 is Lucky Charms: I don’t like marshmallows. They’re good, but I really don’t like the marshmallows, this is quite an unpopular opinion, but I just don’t like Lucky Charms as the “average” person.

#9 is Cap’n Crunch ALL BERRIES!: If it wasn’t the “ALL BERRIES”, it would’ve been lower, but since it isn’t, it’s higher. I really like Cap’n Crunch A.B., the berries taste good, and I think they’re better off with the crunchy stuff.

#8 is Applejacks: I really like Applejacks, I haven’t had them in a while, but the last time I had them, they were pretty good. Definitely not my favorite, but there’s worse cereals.

#7 Frosted Flakes: A classic. Well technically Corn Flakes is technically the classic, but whatever. Frosted Flakes is a cereal that I could eat for breakfast everyday, and not mind it at all. It has a good crunch.

#6 is Cookie Crisp: It’s cookies for breakfast. What’s not to like?

#5 is Fruity Pebbles: I really like the fruit cereals, but I gave the edge to Fruit Loops. Mostly because of the same reason for Rice Krispies. They get really soggy quickly, since they’re a very gentle, and tiny cereal.

#4 is Fruit Loops: A really popular breakfast cereal, there’s really not much to say. Fruit Loops taste amazing, they have the crunch, and they don’t get soggy as much. Fruit Loops are amazing.

#3 is Oreo O’s: This is a great cereal. Most of the variations of Cheerios are really good, and Oreo O’s is one of them. I love Oreos, and I enjoy cereal, so when you put them together, I’m going to have to love it.

#2 is Cocoa Puffs: I absolutely love Cocoa Puffs. Amazing crunch, nice taste, they even make your milk chocolate tasting, it’s great. I could eat this cereal everyday for breakfast, for the rest of my life.

#1 is Honey Nut Cheerios: Honey Nut Cheerios is absolutely amazing. The crunch is great, probably not as good as other cereals, but still, the crunch is there. The sweetness is amazing, my favorite cereal (most likely). My favorite Cheerios variation, it’s truly an amazing cereal.