Dunkin and Starbucks Go to War!

Produced from: http://blogs.luc.edu/uao/2019/02/25/starbucks-or-dunkin-coffee/

Produced from: http://blogs.luc.edu/uao/2019/02/25/starbucks-or-dunkin-coffee/

Dayanara Aguilera, Writer

The long awaited battle Dunkin vs Starbucks.

I personally believe that spending a bit more on Starbucks is a better option because I like the variety more and I guess natural products and to me it tastes better! Dunkin does have new releases more often and they have DONUTS. Both places have a variety of food but which one is worth it and which one is better for you. Depending on the day the taste varies there are a bunch of tik tok videos where different people try the same Dunkin drink on different days of the week and test to see if it’s the same through-out. Surprisingly IT ISN’T according to the video the drink itself didn’t taste the same and sometimes worse than usual. Both places thrive for the great and affordable prices but which one is worth it?

Starbucks currently is leading Dunkin by having over 14.k locations around the world meanwhile Dunkin only has 9.k. For seasonal drinks, coffee flavor and overall atmosphere Starbucks wins, according to a tally done on Jan 27 2021. Dunkin is primarily cheaper in the famous Starbucks because of the cost of the goods sold. Could this mean that because Starbucks is more pricey they are purchasing the “better” option of goods or just going off of price? According to websites Dunkin tends to be growing a larger customer base as well as Dunkin doesn’t close their store to give employees a lecture as from one of the  Starbucks scandals.

Whether you pick Starbucks or Dunkin at the end of the day you get what you ordered. It may not taste the same day to day or be made with care but both of these stores are trying to make the best they can for their customers.