The Three Spider-Men: What Makes Them All Different From Each Other

Svenja Dealmonte, Writer

I personally don’t discriminate between any of them. I hope my favoritism isn’t obvious.

Anyways starting off, we know Tobey Maguire is the original Spider-Man that early 2000’s kids have grown up with. He’s basically introduced as the average common nerd known as Peter Parker. He’s crazy smart, has a crush on a girl that barely acknowledges his existence, and a bully that hates his guts. Not to mention he dresses like a youth pastor. Tobey is nerdy enough to be Peter Parker but he isn’t exactly cool enough to be Spider-Man. Tobey’s Peter looks like a very common guy that’s just very kind. But that’s the cool thing. An average nerdy kid like him is literally a cool vigilante. No one would ever see it coming.

Andrew Garfield, though, is cool enough to be Spider-Man but not Peter Parker. He seems more like a cool geeky guy than a pathetic nerd. His Spider-Man is definitely a good representation of him; witty comebacks, good morals and a good heart (ex: how he treats Max a.k.a Electro). Andrew portrays Peter’s grief when he isn’t able to save Gwen in a great way. It’s very realistically shown how he shrinks into the five stages of grief after it, giving up his title for a while.

Now onto Tom Holland. He’s the perfect combination. He does justice to not only Peter but to Spider-Man. As we see in No Way Home, he quite literally outsmarts Doctor Strange. With literal math; something comic Peter would do. He’s a mix of both intelligent and cool with neither side weighing out the other. He’s just a kid that’s trying to get by in life and then his life becomes a mess. A perfect way to hurt a teenager, just having him be on his own because no one remembers who he is. His trilogy is such a rollercoaster of emotions; a laid-back funny slice of life for the first one to an emotional mess in the third one. But that’s the great thing about it. There isn’t a happy ending for him, or maybe there never will be one.