The Real NBA G.O.A.T.

Brody Bautitsa, Writer

There has been a world wide debate about who’s better, LeBron James or Michael Jordan. In my opinion I believe that Michael Jordan is way better than LeBron. A major point is that Jordan has 6 championship rings but on the other hand LeBron has only 4 rings. Another reason is that Michael didn’t need a good center to win his rings but LeBron had to have a good center like Anthony Davis in order to win. 

The eras at the time were totally different but Jordan was way more superior in his era. A lot of decisions to decide who is better between 2 players is based on stats. Jordan averaged 30 points per game while LeBron only averaged 27. Another big stat is steals. Jordan averaged 3 but LeBron only has 1, it might sound little but one or two more steals can change the difference of a championship.