Don’t Stand By, Stand Up

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Alexandra Salazar , Writer

Everyone has probably experienced bullying. Bullying can be very hard to deal with. Dealing with bullying at school can be difficult because it can put a lot of stress on you plus the school work that you have to do. Some may not want to go to school any more because they don’t want to keep on getting picked on. Many will end up isolating themselves and not want to be around others. Bullying can cause depression and could lead to other factors. 

 Bullies are people that want to be in power, they want to take charge and make you feel bad and put you down. There are many reasons that they might be bullying you, some might be because at home they are having a hard time, their parents are divorcing, struggling with school and much more. There are many different types of bullying there is cyberbullying, where it happens on social media/online. Verbal bullying where its in person and there bullying you with their words. Physical bullying where they physically touch you. 

I think that bullying is extremely bad, if you are struggling with this please go and ask for help.  If you or someone you know is being bullied you have to make sure to tell an adult. Bullying is not okay and it needs to be stopped. If you have witnessed bullying and it’s still happening go tell an adult so it can be stopped, don’t be a bystander be an upstander.