Miles Morales: Is He Cool Enough To Be Spider-Man?

(Yes, I did get this image from Amazon.) (Yes, I did get this image from Amazon.)

Svenja Dealmonte, Writer

As we know, Miles made his debut in Into the Spider-Verse. He’s just a kid trying to get by in life while being torn between what his parents think is best for him and what he wants for himself. As we can see in Spider-Verse, he’s a pretty popular guy in his neighborhood until he gets accepted into Brooklyn Visions Academy. After that, we can see that he’s very smart. Even if he does purposely try to fail a science test in an attempt to get kicked out, we can see he aced it. His teacher even confronted him on how she wasn’t going to let him quit. 

Overall, he literally has a lot of potential but he just wants to be normal. Getting bit by a radioactive spider and meeting Spider-Man himself which leads to Miles taking on the position as New York’s new beloved vigilante after Peter Parker’s death wasn’t planned. It’s a big role, especially for a kid that’s no older than 14 years old.

Moving on, we can point out the characteristics that make up his personality. He’s a very popular and social kid. He shows to be very friendly, wanting to make his family and friends laugh. When put in an awkward situation, he has a habit of telling jokes. He has a big interest in hip-hop and graffiti culture, leading to him leaving art around Brooklyn; his way of showing the love he has for his city. In the Across the Spider-Verse trailer, we can see Gwen flipping through Miles’ sketchbook that’s full of these very funky, messy, and colorful drawings. But I’m saying this in a good way because his art is really good (as Gwen even stated herself). It quite literally inspired my own art style. In conclusion, Miles is a really cool kid that deals with a lot of responsibility, including school, his overall life, and his secret vigilante identity.