The Top Leaders in the NHL

Brody Bautitsa, Writer

The third best NHL player I believe is Alex Ovechkin. At left wing, standing at 6’3″ and the captain of the Washington Capitals. He has scored a whopping 778 goals and 629 assists in his whole 15 season career. As a 12 time all star he has stayed loyal his whole career staying with the same team, the Washington Capitals, and has won 1 Stanley Cup.

Second place goes to Sidney Crosby. Playing center, 34 years old, standing at 5’11” and the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins. This scoring machine is not only a good scorer but a big playmaker. He has 515 goals and 890 assists which totals to 1,405 points in his whole 17 season career with the Penguins. Sidney has 3 Stanley Cups wins.

Finally, the best NHL player playing right now is the one and only, Connor McDavid.  At only 25 years old, this youngster has played 7 seasons in the NHL leading the Edmonton Oilers and still has a big career ahead of him. In his seasons so far he has scored 237 goals and 447 assists. Connor has appeared five times in the NHL All-Star games and the captain of his team.