Who Exactly was This Drug Lord Named Pablo Escobar?

All you need to know about Pablo Escobar!

Who Exactly was This Drug Lord Named Pablo Escobar?

Tania Escobar , Writer

Who was Pablo Escobar, you might ask.  Pablo Escobar was known as the world’s most powerful drug cartel in the 80’s and early 90’s. Born December 1, 1949 in Rionegro, Colombia, and died December 2, 1993. Pablo’s dad was a farmer, and his mother was a schoolteacher. The Escobar family later moved to Envigado Colombia, a suburb of Medellin. Pablo is still a teen during this move.

 Escobar started his life of crime at a young age not necessarily with drugs though. He started with his illegal activities which consisted of selling fake diplomas, smuggling stereo equipment, and stealing tombstones to later resell. Escobar during this time also would steal cars, which eventually led to his first arrest in 1974. I personally believe that Pablo put his name out in the world, which later brought him into drug smuggling. 

The cocaine industry was growing dramatically. Escobar eventually got involved in drug smuggling in the mid 1970’s. Helped found the crime organization that was known as the Medellín cartel. He focused on the production, transpost, and the sales of cocaine. 

By the late 1980’s Escobar was worth approximately $25 billion. His lifestyle included a 7,000 acre estate called “Hacienda Nápoles.” Where did Pablo get this name? Hacienda Nápoles stands for Naples, Italy. What was the price and what did the estate include? The estate was reported to cost $63 million dollars, it included a soccer field, dinosaur statues, artificial lakes, bullfighting arena, airstrip, and a tennis court. The property of Pablo also had a zoo! Like stated in the article “Inside Hacienda Napoles- Pablo Escobar’s legendary Estate.” This zoo housed giraffes, hippopotamuses, and camels.

Even though Pablo was known for all the illegal stuff Escobar would do. He also did a lot to help out the community! He founded various projects to house the poor, which helped Pablo earn comparisons to Robin Hood. Helped Escobar win the election in the country’s congress in 1982. Pablo later passed away a day later after his 44th birthday. After the death of Pablo many books were released, movies, and tv shows decades after his death.