Top 5 most enjoyable batman

Batman Begins – photo from Wide shot of Christian Bale as Batman walking down corridor followed by colony of bats.

Aubre Booker, Writer (also Batman)

          5. Adam West – I don’t know much about this Batman but the Batman suit is really nice and I think if I watched the movie it would be better than I think 4, Micheal Keaton.  

          4. Michael Keaton – I say this because his Batman wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst. He could work on things but from what I remember he was decent.

3. Ben Affleck – I thought this Batman was cool and I liked how big and buff he was. He portrayed Batman as a good thinker and survivor. And I liked his suit he used to fight Superman. 

2. Robert Pattinson – I put him second cause I like how he is more of a detective and just a fighter. Also I like how scary they made him. He could be first, but I need another movie for him to say this.

1. Christian Bale – I say this because he was in one of the best dc movies and he worked well with the Joker. His acting for Bruce Wayne was very good as well; and also he was apart of the best Batman movies.