She Looks Like Sadako?! Like the Urban Legend?!


Maria Maldonado , Writer

If you enjoy watching romance anime, you should definitely watch Kimi Ni Todoke! Kimi ni Todoke was released on October 9th, 2009, the manga was released on May 25th, 2006. There are two series with 37 episodes. The manga only has 30 volumes. The series is available on Youtube and Crunchyroll. It consists of the main character, Kuronuma Sawako, a sweet high school student who was misunderstood from the very beginning. As she resembles Sadako, a ghost from a Japanese urban legend. Students not just from her class but in every grade are terrified of her, as they fear she might haunt them if they hang out with her. 

Sawako befriends 2 girls from her class, Ayane Yano and Chizuru Yoshida. Both of them are caring and supportive, they worry a lot about her but they also  encourage her. I really like the episode in which they stand up for Sawako in the bathroom after the rumors spread. The guy she falls in love with is Shota Kazehaya, she meets him on her way to the entrance ceremony and they end up in the same class as well as sitting next to each other. I really like Kazehaya as he is one of the few characters to treat the main character right. Personally I think his personality is very sweet, and I love the way he acts towards Sawako. 

The reason why I decided to talk about Sawako is because I believe she is one of the kindest characters. I really like how she is always nice to everyone regardless of what they say to her, but she does stand up for herself. Sawako really loves her friends and speaks her mind when she doesn’t agree with something. I think my favorite part of the series was the school festival (S2 ep 10) when she dressed up as Sadako for the festival and seemed happier because the students no longer seemed to avoid  her. I also really liked the art style whenever she smiled. In conclusion I think Kimi Ni Todoke is a really good anime and I really think you should definitely watch it.