Why these 3 artist are the best!

Photo from m.facebook.com

Photo from m.facebook.com

Melanie Cordoba Gabriel, Writer

I’m going to be talking about my top 3 artists and why I think they are the best. This will probably change in the future though.

#1. Taylor Swift.

This is obviously placed number 1. Like you’re telling me you didn’t listen to her when you were younger? She has been iconic since we were 6. Her songs can be so relatable too. You can be crying to ¨Never Grow Up¨ and then start screaming to ¨Lover¨ in an instant. It’s incredible

#2. Olivia Rodrigo.

Yes, I know I sound basic but hear me out. She can also be very relatable but in the way Taylor is which is why she is #2. Olivia also doesn’t have as many songs out aside from the songs from her album ¨Sour¨ and from ¨HSMTMTS¨ (High School Musical the Musical the Series)

#3. Beach Bunny.

They honestly are a little underrated. Their music all kinda gives me the same vibe. The good side is that they have more than 2 albums and singles, so they have variety. They have not that many songs that have gone viral aside from ¨Cloud 9¨ and ¨Sports.” They are amazing songs I have to say.