Maggie Chen, Writer


BYLETH IS THE BETTER PROTAGONIST THAN SHEZ. Byleth and Shez are both from the Fire Emblem Three Houses franchise (Video Game). I really REALLY love Byleth’s personality, but don’t get me wrong, I love Shez’s too! I am going to state reasons why Byleth is a better protagonist than Shez.

In the video game, you get to choose which gender Byleth can be which can lead to different encounters and scenes. I love that option because you can see changes in Byleth. Lots of others also love Byleth since the game came out in 2019 and was announced as a character to Smash Bros. When I heard they were in Smash, I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY. Byleth is the MAIN Protagonist in Fire Emblem Three Houses, while Shez is the main protagonist for Fire Emblem Three hopes (Separate games). Byleth was introduced a while before Shez was, so Shez is more of a new character. Byleth’s designs for both female and male are also so PRETTY!!! They have a dark ocean blue hair color, and long sleeved black armor clothes. Byleth is also a Professor at the Garreg Mach Monastery (A school for battling).



Honestly Shez is more on the funny humor side. He jokes around and is a student in the game Fire Emblem Three Hopes. You also get to pick what gender Shez can be which I too love that option. I love him for his personality, but I still think Byleth is better. The reason is Shez sometimes makes goofy decisions like how they once jumped off a cliff believing they would’ve gotten stronger, or how they raided a battle that they weren’t supposed to be in.

My other reason is because Shez has also teased his teammates and sometimes doesn’t take battling seriously. He’s just too goofy in war which is a serious thing. 😭 Byleth is also stronger than Shez with power and fighting. TRUST ME, I do not hate Shez in any way or dislike them. Shez’s character design has neon purple hair, an orange scarf, and gray armor. Their eyes are also purple too. I think their design is still pretty and no more or less than Byleth since I don’t judge looks.