Sports are gonna take up our whole world one day!

Abby Messagie, Writer

What is the hardest female sport?

I believe that one of the hardest, if not the hardest, female sport is gymnastics. The reason that I think that this is the hardest is because not only does it take so much physical strength, but it also takes even more mental strength. When someone is performing gymnastics they have to be able to not get distracted and block out all of the noise and commotion around them. This is more difficult than you may think, and it is a hard skill to master. 

There are many other female sports that people will argue are more difficult than gymnastics, such as softball, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and soccer. While I do believe that all of these sports are very difficult I don’t think that they are as challenging as gymnastics, because in gymnastics you need total body strength. For example, in soccer you don’t need arm strength to be good at soccer, you primarily use your legs. Also, like I stated earlier, gymnastics is, I think, the most mentally challenging sport in the world. This adds another level of difficulty to the sport. 

That is why I think that gymnastics is more difficult than any other female sport.

Which is harder, basketball or baseball?

Which do you think is harder, basketball or baseball? Because I strongly believe that basketball is harder than baseball. I understand that baseball is hard, like every sport, baseball has its more difficult aspects but in reality there are much more difficult things to do. When you are playing baseball there are many points in time when you are either waiting to hit, waiting on base, or you are sitting in the dugout. I don’t know if you noticed but in all of these examples the player is standing there waiting for their turn. You can also argue that in basketball you can be sitting on the bench, but if you are out on the court there is no time at all where you are not moving at all. 

Both of these sports are mental sports so performing the sports is difficult. When you are playing baseball, even in the outfield, you will have to be running and moving around. However the amount that you will be moving when playing baseball is limited. When playing basketball the players will always be moving and paying a lot of attention to the game. I will say that both of these sports take so much skill and talent, and just because I believe that basketball is more difficult, but that doesn’t mean I dont think baseball is difficult. I just believe that baseball is slightly easier.