Super Car Layouts and Explanations

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Ramon Thomas, Writer

Porsche Spyder Layout

I wonder how fast a Porsche Spyder is I assume it can up too 240 mph. It’s so rare I think it’s around 300 in the world it’s supposed to be faster than a Bugatti and the engine is assumed to be louder than a fire truck’s siren. I think it barely has different kind of colors that you can use to customize it with I wish that  they can add more attachments to the engine.

They cost around 15 million dollars they are one of the fastest cars in the world. I wish I owned one but they are so hard to get. Now if there was one in my state I would work and not spend a dime till the day I die. But back to what I was saying these things are crazy. The fact that they go over 240 mph is crazy if only in would drive long distance but yea that is my blog about the Porsche Spyder.

Copo Camaro Layout

A Copo Camaro is like a Porsche with less speed, but it has really good attachments such as tinted windows and engine mechanics. It also has this one thing called a finder that goes in the front and in the back; I think it’s pretty cool. They have a rare paint color called pearl white. I really want that color but that color is hard and really rare to find but if I had that car my life would be complete.

Say that you searched up a pearl white Copo Camaro you would see maybe about 2 to 3 cars but they are really expensive. I wish one of my family members had it so I can get it for cheap cause those things cost around $56,000. If I had that amount of money I would not spend it on a car. The top mph for the car is around 180. There is this thing that goes on the back of a car called a spoiler it is sick and I love the colors.