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Christian Calderon, Writer

Best NFL Teams Right Now

The best team in the NFL is currently the Philadelphia Eagles with a record of 6-0! Some of their best players are Jalen Hurts with a total of 1,359 passing yards and 4 touchdowns this season. Their RB Miles Sanders (running back) has 485 rushing yards and has 4 rushing TDs (touchdowns)!

I think that the second best team in the league is the Buffalo Bills with a record of 5-1 and they have one of the best qbs (quarterbacks) in the league, Josh Allen, who has a total of 17 touchdowns and 1,980 passing yards! They also have one of the best WRs (wide receivers) Stefon Diggs with 6 receiving TDs and 49 receptions!

The third best team is probably the Minnesota Vikings! Their QB Kirk Cousins has a total of 1,502 passing yards and 9 touchdowns so far this season! Dalvin Cook is one of there best running backs and Justin Jefferson their wide receiver, together they are an unstoppable duo.

Best Picks For Fantasy Football

Some of the best picks for fantasy football right now for QBs are Josh Allen on the Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes on Kansas City, Jalen Hurts on the Philadelphia Eagles. For running backs the best picks are Jonathon Taylor for the Indianapolis Colts, Christian McCaffrey for the San Francisco 49ers, and Austin Ekler for the LA Chargers.

The best wide receivers right now are Justin Jefferson on the Minnesota Vikings, Cooper Kupp on the LA Rams and Stefon Diggs on the Buffalo Bills. The best tight ends right now are Travis Kelce on the Kansas City Chiefs, Mark Andrews on the Baltimore Ravens and Zack Ertz on the Arizona Cardinals. These are the highest point scoring players with average points of 15 points or more! They are also the the main leaders on there team and are team captains.