Justin Hughes, Writer

4 of the world’s best young soccer players

4 pedri/Pedro González López, is the world’s most expensive midfielder worth 90 million Euros at only 19 years of age! He plays an average of 70 min per game and has completed 92% of his passes more than some veterans, in my opinion, his market value at this age makes him one of the best young soccer players in the world. This year is looking bright for him as this will be his first World Cup appearance for Spain. Pedri’s passing pace shooting, and physic all play a role in him being one of the world’s best young players.

3 Phillip Foden. Phillip Foden has played for Manchester City since his early teens for their academy, he was lucky enough and talented enough to get a starting spot at Manchester City. He has played 9 games and scored 6 goals and 3 assists. in one game he got a hat trick (3 goals) against Manchester United and scored in the champions league at just 22 years old! This year he will be making an appearance in the world cup for England. Foden has been in the Manchester City youth team for most of his teenage years to come on as a starter and has as many goals and goal contributions, in my opinion, this makes him one of the world’s best young soccer players.

2 Vinícius José Paixão de Oliveira Júnior. Vinicius jr might just be the next Neymar. Vinicius jr’s transfer value is between 90m euros and 150 million Euros! And it’s shocking that he is just 22 years old. This season he has played in 9 games and has scored 5 goals and 1 assist imagine what the rest of the season will look like. At the LW position, he has the speed and dribbling of a veteran soccer player. This year will be his first World Cup, and me and most likely millions of other people look forward to him playing this year. From his amount, if goals to his speed and ball control to even his whopping 150 million Euro market value! All of these things make him one of the world’s best young soccer players.

1 Kylian Mbappé Lottin/Mbappe. Mbappe is on track to be one of the best soccer players in history at 23 his transfer value is 180million euros which might even go up this season. Mbappe 7 awards including the World Cup in 2018 at 19. This year he has played 10 games and scored 8 goals and 1 assist. At just 23 Mbappe has widely been considered the best young player in the world at this time. He will be making another World Cup appearance this year.

In my opinion, Mbappe might be the closest you can get to young Cristiano Ronaldo. His speed ball control awards have made him just as good if not better than some veterans and he is only 23 years old with hopefully many many more years of playing to come. And for those reasons that’s why he makes it number one on this list.

The rule that changed soccer forever

Have you ever wondered why the offside rule exists, or a watching a soccer game and wondered why it suddenly stops and the team gets the ball? But first some history behind the offside rule. The offside rule was first introduced in 1883 when the football association made its first fundamental rule.

Why does the offside rule exist? To keep players from camping near the opposition’s goal. Without this rule, players would kick long balls to the player that is camping near the goal, and 99.9% of the time the camper will score the goal. The offside rule is explained when the attacking player is on the opposition’s side of the field. The opposition must have at least 2 players including the goalkeeper between them and the opposing team’s goal. How the offside rule is enforced is when the offside infraction occurs the referee will blow a whistle and where ever the offside infraction occurred that is where the other team gets a free kick from.