Midwest Fishing Guide



photo from: wired2fish.com

Caiden Moran, Writer

Best tactics for Midwest fishing.

Today we have some good tips for fishing. Sometimes the fishing can take 5 minutes to catch a fish or 5 hours, it’s never consistent. The most common fish in the Midwest are catfish, trout, gar, bass, panfish, carp and many types of crappie. My favorite fish to catch is easily catfish because they usually put up a good fight when they get caught. The universal bait is worms and bread, but that doesn’t always work. Catfish enjoy chicken or rotten/moldy meats. Bass like lures or worms, gar like a wide variety, but I caught them with worms and other little fish. Panfish and carp will eat anything that comes across them. Now, if you go fishing in a river or a lake, you are gonna need lots of weights, a bigger rod and bigger lures. Don’t use live bait in strong currents, unless you have the right hooks. The hooks are called “bait-holder hooks” and it has a little ridge near the eye of the hook. Crappies eat the same thing as bass. Thanks for reading this post, and have a great rest of your week.

The worst fishing habits you shouldn’t have.

Hello reader, here are some of the worst habits of fishing that many people have. The worst habit that almost everyone has would definitely be thinking it’s not ok to wait for fish to come. Many people just wait for 20-40 mins and then leave because nothing happens, fishing is a patience game more than anything. Another habit of fishing people have is thinking as soon as you get a nibble, you have to pull up the rod. You have to wait for it to completely go under, and feel the rod bend or just see it bend. Lately, I’ve seen many people at the pond by my house who do not have a pair of pliers or a rag. Get into the habit of bringing some. You need those things because a fish could swallow a hook and you have to shove the pliers in their mouth and pull it out, the rag is to clean yourself and your tools. That’s it and that’s all for this post. Have a good time fishing.