Why PCs are better than computers

Why PCs are better than computers

Javier Barrera, Writer

Top 5 reasons why PCs are better than computers

My top 5 reasons why PCs are better than computers.

number #5 PC are regularly faster because of the processor the processor sends the signal to every part of the PC. And PCs that are up to date have bigger ones which means they have less delay.

number#4 A PC has more customization options and some people like that from color options on graphic cards to led lights in the case of the pc and more and most people like it because you could remove your old parts and add all new ones.

number#3 A PC cooling system compared to a computers is better cuz there is 2 different ways one is by using fans to cool down the PC like a computer but PC needs to be better because it got bigger parts it got to make sure it doesn’t overheat. There is all so the water cooled system that runs water to everything and that cools it down.

number #2 Memory sticks are like the memory of the PC and since the PC is bigger that means that regularly it means it can fit a bigger one which results in better performance.

number #1 The motherboard on a PC is big. It regularly covers the whole case because it mostly the biggest piece apart from the case because everything bolts up or connects to the motherboard.

Why people prefer computer over pc

number #5 Computers are good for some people because they are portable and cheaper for example a Macbook has good components.

number #4 Computers are good for on the go because it has good memory for the size of the computers.

number #3 Computers are all so good because you get good frames so you can do editing, play video games, and more. That’s why people love them.

number #2 On computers you don’t need any cables connected so you don’t have to cary accessory like mouse and keyboard.

number #1 On apple computers you have good programs for everything like iMovie for editing, and Notes for writing or notes.